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Sexism in Virtual Reality: Portraying gender stereotypes

Studentisches Forschungsprojekt an der Universität Passau

Eine studentische Forschungsgruppe an der Universität Passau (Markus Berer, Sarah Credo, Anja Lächner, Lily Paßberger) forscht im Rahmen des Masterstudiengangs "Medien und Kommunikation" zu sexueller Belästigung und Gender-Stereotypen in Virtual Reality. Dazu gestalten sie verschiedene Avatare im VRChat, die sie anschließend auf ihre Reaktionen hin untersuchen. Ich freue mich, dieses spannende Projekt als Mentorin begleiten zu dürfen.

Bei Interesse am Projekt kontaktieren Sie die Studierenden sehr gerne (siehe unten). Gerne kann ich auch den Kontakt herstellen.

Abstract des Forschungsprojektes:

The aim of this project is to analyze sexual harassment triggered by various gender representations in the realms of Virtual Reality. Therefore, we will create different avatars, using the platforms VRChat and, to engage with other users and document their reactions. Currently, we are planning on creating six different gender stereotypes as characters: one woman with long blond hair and a very feminine appearance, one woman that has short hair and appears rather masculine, one woman that behaves very professional and wears a suit, one man that looks like the average male in today`s society, one man that is very muscular, one man that does not look conventional because he e.g., wears make up and pink clothes. The next step will be to play with these avatars. To gain comparable results, we will determine a codebook so that all these avatars will act nearly the same and the reactions will be (ideally) purely based off the portrayed gender types. We plan on documenting it via screen recording and to scientifically confirm our results with further research from this field.

(Autorin des Abstracts: Lily Paßberger)

Ansprechpersonen (alphabetisch):

Markus Berer

Sarah Credo

Anja Lächner

Lily Paßberger

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